Mastering mixing equipment

Studio Equipment :

Upload-studio’s equipment consists of a great selection of modern,vintage,analog and digital gear.
This setup allows a wide range of audio treatments:
-From transparent compression to groove enhancement.
-Surgical tweaking to coloured equalisation.
-Gentle dynamic smoothing to brick-wall limiting.
-or any specific improvement your tracks will need.

Monitoring :

-Dynaudio BM6A reference monitors
-Dynaudio BM9S sub
-BererDynamic DT880 pro
-GIK acoustics treated room

Digital Audio Workstation :

-intel i5 quadcore loaded with steinberg nuendo 4
-selection of plugins from tdr , waves , slate ,fabfilter, etc..

Analog Outboards:

-DUAL EQP PULTEC style tube 2 channel Equalizer
-DB500s expounder : stereo 4 bands Mastering Equalizer +Dynamic  filters / handcrafted in scotland by CLM
-Tfpro P38 ‘Edward’ : Mastering compressor-Limiter by Ted Fletcher
-Ashly PQ66 : vintage stereo 4 bands Equalizer
-Audient Sumo : 22 channels Class A summing amplifier + SSL-style bus compressor & limiter
-Lynx Hilo Reference A/D D/A converters
-Joemeek studio channel / meequalizer / opto compressor
-Teac3 : analog vintage desk
-GAP 73 NEVE clone preamps
-giradin french channel strip from the 60’s
-Mastering insert Switcher by moxtone


Mastered at upload studio :