mixing services

Mixing Services :

You recorded at home or in a professionnal studio and you are ready for mixing :Send every separated takes of your project and get your songs mixed at upload-studio.Your tracks will benefit from high end treatments through world-class analog and digital gear,combined with brew’s years of experience in music production.

Mixing process :

Mixing services consist of specific work on each separated track,dedicated group/bus processing, professionnal analog summing etc.. to get the best out of your recordings.

Audio editing such as time/tune adjustments can also be applied when needed.

Moreover if you send clean DI signals,guitars and bass can be re-amped to add different flavour,You can also send drum trigger signals (audio or midi) for more sound-shaping.

File format :

just send all your recorded takes in a .rar or .zip folder, at your project sample rate and resolution : .wav or aiff files at 44.1/48 or 96 khz   16 or 24 bits (prefrerred)

To make it easier for me to import your tracks in sync on the DAW you should consolidate (or bounce) all of them at the same origin,so every track start at the same point.

if you are a cubase or nuendo user ,you can send your project with your audio folder.

Feel free to get in touch or leave a message on the upload form to talk about your expectations, give some mix direction or even name some reference records if it can help.

Free mastering included :

Uwhen you send your project for mixing, you get free mastering included, you will also get unmastered mix if you want your tracks to be mastered in some other studio
Mixing price is 350 euros / track , -10 % on EP, -15 % on Album

Uploading files for Mixing :

Please send recorded « .wav » or « .aiff » files in a .zip or .rar archive.Every separated tracks consolidated (or bounced) at same origin (so every tracks are sync.).
Files clearly labellled (kick/snare/guitar/vocals..etc)

    Make sure every separated tracks are bounced at same origin / start at same point :

      Mastered at upload studio :