Mastering services online

Online Mastering Services :

About mastering :
Mastering is the last step of audio production, it occurs right after final mixing.
During this crucial process,final touches are put on your tracks to get the best out of your mixes,
and make your songs ready to compete with other professional releases.
Here at upload-studio, in a tuned room , your tracks will be carefully listened and analysed through a transparent system,
then treated with high-end analog and / or digital gears, depending on what your project will need. >>click here to check the equipment

Mastering process :
Every project is unique and deserve dedicated mastering process, so it would be difficult to sumarize or generalize it, but here are some basic things that will be checked and improved when needed :
Spectral balance, dynamic range, overall perceived loudness, stereo width, phases issues, Mid/Side processing, noise reduction, and more…

Your own point of view will also be taken in consideration, so feel free to get in touch or leave a message on the upload form to talk about your expectations, give some direction or even name some reference records if it can help.

File format :
Please upload your stereo mixes in .wav or .aiff format at 44.1/48/ or 96khz / 16 or 24 bits (prefrerred) .
Make sure there is no limiter or any maximizer on the master bus !
Leave me some headroom to work with , don’t overcompress or crush your mix,
avoid clipping ,let it breathe and allow me take care of the final perceived loudness

Free mastering preview : Send a track for a mastering test offers free mastering sample test ,
All you need to do is upload a stereo track using the uploader on the website,
you can add infos about your project, your budget , your references ,etc..
I will work on it as soon as possible and send you a sample test (1 or 2 minutes preview ) .
Then, if you like the result you can decide to get your entire project mastered at upload-studio.
For a single track the price is 75 euros, 70 euros / track for a EP , 65 euros / track for an album.

leave some headroom

keep your mix dynamic

Export your songs without any limiter or maximizer on the master bus.
Audio peaking at -3db FS maximum.
Your files should look like this one

    don't clip your mix

    don't crush your dynamics

    your mix should not look like this one ,don’t worry about « volume » this will be achieved at the mastering stage.

      Mastered at upload studio :