upload your tracks for a free mastering test

Uploading files for Mastering :

please read the guidelines before uploading your files

Please send only stereo « .wav » or « .aiff » files

Do not send mp3 , m4a , wma , or any other lossy files

Export your songs without any limiter or maximizer on the master bus, audio peaking at -3db FS maximum

Name your file and export it with the same bitdepth and samplerate used in your project :
(44.1 khz , 48 khz , 96 khz or more / 16 bits, 24 bits or 32 bits)

 File example : 
 Artist name_song tiltle_mix version_24bits_44.1khz.WAV

Add a message to your track

Add a short message with your test file ,
Tell me more about your project
do you need mastering for a EP ? album? single ?
any special request about the sound you re after? any reference albums ?
what ‘s your budget to complete this project after the free 2 minutes preview ?

Uploading files for mixing

Please send recorded « .wav » or « .aiff » files in a .zip or .rar archive.
Every separated tracks consolidated at same origin (so every tracks are sync.).
Files clearly labelled (exemple: 01_kick / 02_snare / 14_guitar left / 22_lead vocal….etc )
Cubase / Nuendo users can directly send their project files (« .npr » or « .cpr »).
Dont forget to include the audio folder in the archive !