Mastering : Jenny Moe « You, Me, War » (Live Acoustic Version) LWF Peace Oasis

New single from Jenny Moe « You, Me, War » (Live Acoustic Version) , Recorded at Safehouse Studio, Oslo. Mastered by brew varea at upload-studio. Release dedicated to the Peace Oasis Project, Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan. Buy the single and support the Peace Oasis Project here : You, Me, War (LWF Peace Oasis Project) by Jenny Moe

mastering : worselder MMXIV EP-metal-stoner

Worselder MMXIV new EP MMXIV by WORSELDER Recorded & mixed by S. Boutin Blomfield at Mastered by Bruno « Brew » Varea at Produced by Worselder – All songs by Worselder released 25 September 2014 Vocals : Guillaume « Glen » Guitars : Yoric & James (Heckle & Jeckle of Metal) Bass, Backing vocals : Yannick...