producing : Hardbanger « foursome tape »

Hardbanger « foursome tape » EP produced at upload-studio :
here is a cool review from No Clean singing
Hardbanger released Foursome in a most unusual physical format: made 100 tapes of the EP, and artist Gabriel Ruiz used that collection of tapes as a single canvas for a painted work, so that each hand-numbered cassette comes in a container that includes a part of the original painting — and buyers can pick the specific tape they want from this page (the shipping is free, btw).

Here’s what this “tape painting” looked like upon completion, followed by a photo of Gabriel Ruiz at work on it and an example of one of the tapes:



Awfully cool, isn’t it? I should add that for those of you interested in getting the music digitally, it’s available on Amazon mp3, iTunes, and emusic.

Hardbanger have also made a separate music video for each song on Foursome, with the last of the four (“Shapes of Envy”) getting its premiere from Revolver magazine . All four of them are well done and worth seeing, and all four of them are below

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