Mastering : Jenny Moe « You, Me, War » (Live Acoustic Version) LWF Peace Oasis

New single from Jenny Moe « You, Me, War » (Live Acoustic Version) , Recorded at Safehouse Studio, Oslo. Mastered by brew varea at upload-studio. Release dedicated to the Peace Oasis Project, Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan. Buy the single and support the Peace Oasis Project here : You, Me, War (LWF Peace Oasis Project) by Jenny Moe

Mixing – Mastering – Vocals Recording : Nour Harkati – « Deep Water » ( « Dive » new album 2013 )

Here is Nour Harkati new single « Deep Water » from first album « Dive », mixed and mastered @ upload-studio. It ‘s been a pleasure to work with this young talented artist,he came to me with some great acoustic recordings and spent some time here in Montpellier to work on vocals production and arrangements. We recorded all...